About Rich

My name is Rich.  I believe conservative investing is superior to aggressive tactics.

I’ve been successful with conservative index fund real estate investing as well.

No day trading stupidity for me.

I currently own 30 units, with 20 single family homes paid off.

While serving in the military:

  • Iaid off $32,000 in student loans in a year
  • Paid off a $280k mortgage in 6 years
  • Flipped several houses in Washington D.C. to help build income for real estate investing
  • Purchased 20 rental properties with cash
  • Set up systems to do all of this while serving overseas


I retired from the Air Force in 2020.

I’m now living in Montgomery, Alabama, where all my properties are.

I served 20 years as a Special Agent in the Air Force (similar to NCIS).

I’ve worked with embassies all over the world, and had the chance to work closely with NATO, the UN, and even negotiate peace treaties.

I’m now self-managing my 30 properties.  It takes very little of my time.


I have been interested in real estate and investment finance ever since I was a child.  

I worked at Fidelity Investments as a stock broker in college, and have devoured most finance and real estate books out there.

I’m now retired from the military and financially independent. I’ll focus on real estate, traveling, and whatever else I can dream up.

I have a sixteen year old boy and a twelve year old girl.

pier in venice

Read my page on Seven Steps to Being a Military Millionaire.

I do NOT accept paid or sponsored posts or any type of solicitation.  I hit the spam button faster than you would believe.

For real people who have questions, feel free to contact me at rich@richonmoney.com

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